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WS5B Chris – Come On In


Salt Flat, Texas


Hudspeth County (Rare County)

Hello and thanks for checking out my website. My name is Chris and I am married to Marty KG5MXS.  We live in Salt Flat Texas about 60 miles east of El Paso. I am retired from 43 years in the motorcycle industry.  My last job was working for Motorcycle Mechanics Institute teaching soldiers about motorcycle repair and service. It was very rewarding to see smiles on solder’s faces.

      My father was an old spark gapper and radio experimenter. I grew up in his radio and TV shop in Houston, TX. At a very young age I had a shortwave radio and spent a lot of time listening to Ham Radio at night. I still remember trying to talk to them on my SW radio. I thought they could hear me if I talked to them through the speaker. I started studying for my license and in 1977. I received KA5BFT for my first call.

My other enjoyment is playing and writing music.

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